Online Baccarat- Card Counting And How To Bet

Almost every gambler is aware of the in and outs of baccarat, be it an online or offline game. But still, there is card counting that sometimes confuses the player a lot, and this confusion leads to them facing some losses in the game. However, card counting is no hard shell to crack, and once a player gets to know them properly, the chances of winning increase by manifolds.

Besides card counting, some players also find betting a bit complicated. Baccarat has been maintaining the title of being a simple game for ages, so there is no way the process is complicated. Tough for บาคาร่าออนไลน์, the process may depend upon the platform. There is a general procedure of betting that all reliable sites follow.

Card Counting

The process of counting cards is still classic; there are no major changes that have happened, making the game still have its signature style. It does not matter if you are playing offline or online; these rules are still the same. To win, one has to have the sum of two cards equal to nine or near to it. Remember that the highest sum you can get will be nine, not ten, and the least will always be 0.

Zero Value Cards- Since there are 13 types of cards that you can get from the deck, and according to the rule, you cannot have a sum that exceeds 9. So to maintain this, some cards carry no value. These cards are 10, j, q,k, which is the deck’s last three cards. So if you happen to have them while playing baccarat, know that they carry no value.

Only unit digit is the count- now that the chance of having a card with the value of 10 or more is none, it does not mean that the sum can never exceed 9. So, for example, if you happen to have two cards, 8 and 9, the sum becomes 17. Now in such a case, only the unit digit, that 7, is your final count.

How To Bet In Online Baccarat

Now betting online while playing บาคาร่าออนไลน์, can be a bit of a task, but here is the general pattern followed by almost all the websites.

  1. Choose The Amount To Bet- the player first has to choose the amount he is looking to bet; this can be done using the symbol representing a chip.
  2. Choose The Style To Bet On- there are tip bet, banker bet and player bet, the three types of bets for a player to choose from. After choosing the amount, you have to select your type of bet.
  3. Confirmation- now since you have chosen the style and the amount, the site will let you confirm it before actually placing the bet. This is done to make sure that the player is choosing it of his own will and is sure about it.

Now, all there is left to do is wait for the cards to be shown. Usually, after, 30 seconds the dealer showcases the cards, but there can be some alterations.

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