Crypto Gambling: Savior Of Traditional Gambling Scam

Most of the people are relieved after traditional gambling is overtaken by crypto gambling because they had a bad experience in the former type due to fraud by unauthentic and illegitimate betting sites. They are also vulnerable to further risk; that’s why people are excited as cryptocurrency is a safe and more trusted currency than paper currency. Crypto gambling is safe because, in this, we don’t have to share our personal banking cards information with any third party sites.

Also, In crypto gambling, we are provided with different type of bonuses which we can use to enhance our experience and, furthermore, our earnings. In crypto gambling, we are provided with the bonuses listed below;

  1. Welcome bonus:

This is a bonus provided when the user first sign up on the site, this type of bonus is provided only once per user and given as a sign to learn how to use cryptocurrency in gambling; overall, we can say that this bonus is used to enrich our knowledge on how and when to use cryptocurrency for winnings. This is a non-withdrawal amount and only used for user learnings.

  1. Reload bonus:

As the name suggests, reload bonus is something that we get when we deposit some crypto money in our wallet. Some sites give reload bonus on each deposit or as defined by their terms and condition. Reload bonus is also known as a deposit bonus. The amount of reload bonus depends upon the terms and condition of various sites some provide hundred per cent reload bonus as other provides 50% reload bonus.

  1. No Deposit bonus:

This is a type of bonus that doesn’t require any deposit in the crypto account or wallet; this is a bonus that is provided to a fresher or beginner; no deposit bonus is also somewhat the same as a welcome bonus, which is experience given to the user for his further gaming and gambling experience.

  1. Cashback bonus:

A cashback bonus is given to the user when he deposits some amount in his wallet; if he loses all his money, then cashback is his savings which he can use up to some extent to recover his losses; cashback bonus is not utilized fully alike as wallet money, it has some limitations which vary accordingly to the different platforms.

  1. Loyalty bonus:

When the user regularly deposits and withdraws from his wallet, then the gambling platforms provide some loyalty points that we can further redeem into bonus and use it for further playing some betting platforms and provide other benefits like coupon, vouchers for shopping and other services.


Now we can say that crypto gambling is somewhat more trusted and beneficial (i.e. bonuses) to the user compared to traditional gambling, which is a lot risky and less beneficial to the beginner or fres

her in gambling. As cryptocurrency is a digital currency and can be traced even after a scam, there is no chance of fraud in crypto gambling. Hence, it is a better and safe alternative for people who love digital earnings.

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